Elani is a letterer, designer, and illustrator currently residing and creating in Cincinnati, OH. Her background in drawing continues to inform her design approach. With an innate ability to marry design, illustration, and lettering, she strives to create impactful brands, charming prints, and magical experiences. While she has worked with brands both large and small, she loves being able to elevate any brand with a hand-crafted sensibility. She is always experimenting with new mediums and styles and loves to challenge herself with each new project. She continues to grow and diversify her clientele and loves to make visions come to life. 

Elani received her BFA degree from Northern Kentucky University, while there she expanded her arsenal to be more than the Creative Suite. She believes that all good ideas start with some old fashioned pencil and paper and thats exactly how her process begins, bringing a hand-made quality to her work creates the most differentiating solutions for her clients. Once sketching produces a realized concept, she moves into the computer to finish out the process. It is her specialty and delight to infuse fine art practices with modern design principles to create a unique, blended result. Through using non-traditional mediums she is able to craft brands that feel emotional and relatable on new levels.